What we do

Our main job is restoring trucks from any brand or type We take them apart up until the last screw. On this way we can check repair sandblast and repaint each and every part and rebuild it. Below you can see some examples from trucks, how we received them and how they were when finished. Complete reports from the restauration you can find in Trucks restored by us.





DSCF5581Volvo L 495 Istvan van de Herk









Scania LS 76 Jan Boekweit 







DSCF5834DSCF7254 Daf 2200 Nolan







        DSCF4658DSCF3395Scania L76 Eddy van Dijck







 Werkplaats1Werkpl1  DSCF3505DSCF1487We have our own paint stock for making almost every colour ourselves. Than we have 2 paint cabins we we cann paint everything we renovate ourselves. One is 12.5 metre long for complete trucks. And one is 6.5 metre long for cabins, small parts, small cars and minivans        


 The restoration started as a hobby, but now it is a fulltime job. Besides restoration we also do transport. At first with our F12 Globetrotter, later with a NL12 and a F10, but now with a FM12. We also restored this truck and repainted in our company colours so we are now recognisable, we also do transport with a flatbed trailer with this truck. 


WP_20140329_005       fm12F10ContainerOne of our latest catches is a Volvo F10 Container truck. Now we are able to do all kinds of transport. We do truck and various other flatbed related transports with our own trucks and also crane, machine and all kinds of materials as you can see on the pictures above and to the left..     19-4-08 033NL12-2













Wat We can also rebuild your truck or trailer to a mobile home. DSCF6604DSCF6606DSCF6605                  







The possibilities are great, these pictures are from our own 11 meter city trailer. In the front is a bedroom with on the left and right bunk beds Next to that is a kitchen with warm and cold running water, kitchen sink, a cooker, refrigerator and plenty of cupboards.


DSCF6608DSCF6609Next to that is a spacious lounge with a large table and space for 10 people whiteout getting crowded.

Than a bathroom with toilet sink and shower. 











In the back of the trailer is the master bedroom with a double bed. Below the bed is a tank for 1200 liter drinking water. Besides the bed is also a small wardrobe. In the back of the trailer are also a door and windows. If the tailgate is lowered you create a small terras behind the bedroom Below the trailer is on both sides a box mounted in which the batteries and electricitie is installed. In between the boxes is the waste water tank.       Oldtimer_-_Bol_Leo_-_Volvo_F10_BD_40_FY_13.06.09When the side doors and the tailgate are closed it appears to be a normal original Floor city trailer which gives a nice authentic feeling together with the old-timer truck, a Volvo F10, both from 1981.            


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