Restored own Trucks

Derry-1It al began in 1998 with a VOLVO FB 88 truck built 1970.
From the former DDR. But as you see, it wasn’t even finished and the second one
was already waiting.

25But as you see, it wasn’t even finished and the second one
was already waiting.

Molcombie1It is a VOLVO F88 double axle
truck of 1977 (former MOL from Avenhorn) We restored it back to it’s original condition.

F88eigen42Than we restored the Mol Combi F88 from 1977 back to it’s original state. Since I am only the second owner of this truck this was specialy nice. This truck we use to go to all kind of events in Holland and abroad.

F10In 2000 we found an F10 from 1981 this was a Combi from which I have shortened the chassis. We have now restored this truck, you can find him further down.

F12kraanOn one of the trips to Sweden I found this F12 Globetrotter, that was owned by the driver himself. He had been looking after it very well and never even drilled a hole in the cabin interior. All was still in its original and very good state, so we started working with it as is.


But after looking for years I found my dream truck, this NL12 from 1994. From these trucks with sleeper cabin only few have ever been in Holland. It replaced the F12 Globetrotter for the daily transports.

F10BR72BLIn 2006 I replaced it with this F10 from 1986.
This truck had only driven 570670 km. It was therefor in good condition and we only renovated the chasis, restored the cabin and repainted it in the company colours. When it will become an oldtimer in 2011 we still have to restore the chasis, but until than we we use it for transport.

F10ContainerThis F10 Containertruck is from 1987, when we bought it in 2006 it had 750780 km on the counter. It has been completely stripped, as we do with al oldtimers. The engine has been restaurated and everything else that needed to be repaired or replaced has been so. The whole interior is in original state again and we now use it for localy container work.

achterkantIn summer of 2007 we started the restauration of this F10 from 1981 and in July 2008 we were finished. Also this truck has been taken a part completely and fully restored including the interior. We first took it to the show in Tienray on August 8-9 and we will take him to events more often.

F10 BDOldtimer_-_Bol_Leo_-_Volvo_F10_BD_40_FY_13.06.09For the F 10 hwe found in februari 2009 a matching citytrailer also from 1981. This picture is taken at our first trip with the trailer to Denmark..

DSCF7042In 2010 I started looking for a newer truck, we already had the idea for a longer time to buy a FM12 globetrotter but we never could find a suitable until april 2010. Because of the tax increases it wasn’t much fun anymore to drive a Euro 0 F10. When we found this FM10 Globetrotter in April we immediately repainted it in our company colours and now it does the work with the low bed trailer