Report 4

Monster 25-2-2001.

On this day we started another trip to Sweden.
What started for fun became an tradition, also more and more people started asking for it so as soon as I returned from Sweden. So I took up my pen and started writing, especially because I like to write it.
On Sunday morning at 6 I left Monster in my VW transporter, I was to pick up Andre and Danny whom most of you already know at 7.
Hoping that the weather would be good this time we left.
The trip to Sweden went without any problems.
Also this time we took the 2 short crossings Puttgarden Rödby and Helsingör Helsingborg.
As we arrived in Sweden there was snow, but the roads were clean so we had no problems driving.
We arrived at 6 pm at the log cabin that we rented and after we unloaded our luggage we went to town for something to eat.
Later in the evening we did some sight seeing before we went back to the log cabin to talk some more and go to sleep.
In the morning we were expected by my Swedish friend who would show us some parts and trucks that day.
When we were at his place he came in driving a Volvo F12 Globetrotter from 1989, and I fell immediately in love with this truck.
Since didn’t have trucks this young I asked him how and why he got this one. He explained that he bought a lot of materials in Norway that he was now transporting with this truck. He had already been there several times with this truck.
I asked him if the truck was for sale and what it had to cost, the answer was positive.
Than I asked him if I could trade in the F10 that I bought from him last year and which was still here on this truck.
Again the answer was positive, but we had to go negotiate while having breakfast and coffee.
So we did, agreed on the price and at the end I was the owner of the F12 Globetrotter Hurray.
Now you will think what does he want with this truck, it isn’t an oldtimer by far.
That is right, but what you don’t know is that from march 1 I will start with restoration full time and stopped working for Bol Peat import. Since I love transport I want to do this on the side.
For the rest of the Monday we looked at as many trucks as we could under the snow. For the trucks that was no problem, but for parts stored outside and under the snow it is more difficult.
But we managed to see enough in order to return in the spring.
On Tuesday morning I used the F12 to get the low bed trailer that we left there the last trip out of the snow and we started loading.
This time we had to load 2 long trucks so it would be difficult.

The first we drove forward on to the raised section and than removed the wheels.
The second we drove on backwards with the chassis below the first one.
On the back one we also loaded half a chassis with front axle engine and gearbox.
It was an economical load.
After we strapped everything down we left quickly at 3.30 pm
We had to go look at a few more trucks on the way to the ferry.
When I called the man with whom we had this appointment he told that we couldn’t come anymore. It had already started to snow and everyone from the snow cleaning service was called for work, including him. He advised us to get to the ferry as quick as we could so we could hopefully get there before it started to snow bad.
At the last 20 km to the ferry we got caught by the snow and drove in a long row of trucks at walking pace to the ferry. While travelling we had booked the ferry for 7.30 from Göteborg to Frederikshaven, when we arrived it turned out to be the ferry from 6.30. Since we were right on time we could already get on the ferry after 30 minutes.
On the ferry we had something to eat and drink, washed ourselves and before we knew it we were already in Frederikshaven. It is only a 3,5 hour crossing.
Since it was still so early we decided to drive for another hour and a half and to go to sleep at a restaurant where we could eat drink and wash in the morning.
So we did and in the morning we drove to Holland.
But as in every trip also now something happened. Just before the Dutch border we had a blow out on the driving axle. After we checked out the situation we decided to lower the boogie lift and arrange a tire in Holland. I called an old friend of mine from transport company Otten from Geesbrug and explained him what happened. He was willing to help and also had a spare tire for us. So we went to him in order to change the tire.
I was so happy that we did, because when we tried to get the tire of it was so stuck that we needed a press to remove the wheel. This we wouldn’t had been able to do along the road for sure.
Once we changed the tire we went home without any further problems. And wow, did I enjoy the 2 days in my F12.
It looks like  I will return in march for another load, I will keep you informed.

Thanks Andre,  Danny  and off course  G.J. Otten.

Leo Bol.