Report 3

Monster 27-12-2000.

On December 27 my alarm went on 4.45 am.
This was going to be the biggest transport up until now for me.
At 5 I went to Woudenberg to pick up Andre Boogert and Danny Blaauw, this time not with the F88 but with my VW transporter. This time we would use the truck from my friend Andre van de Akker who wanted to drive in is own truck. For me this didn’t make any difference since both run on diesel and the ferry costs the same. So my low bed trailer was loaded on the low bed that Andre brought, I had rented this one extra because we had to bring so many trucks home. The extra trailer I would hook up with one of the trucks in Sweden.
Further more I had chartered 2 tautliners, 1 from Groenewold and 1 from Henk Wid. These were both wide trailers where we could fit in trucks.
While I left to Woudenberg to pick up the guys, Andre had already left an hour earlier to pick up my brother Theo in Klazienaveen, we would meet again on the Raststätte Wildeshausen to drink a cup of coffee.
This worked out to the minute and we almost simultaneous drove onto the parking lot
But not only a F88 can have small breakdowns as you may have read in the previous reports, also the DAF XF Andre drives had a small problem. After he started driving the tacho stopped after 2 hours, the time had stopped.
This already was his second tacho and it was only a month old.
But such a small problem didn’t stop us from going to Sweden.
After the coffee our trip continued to the ferry in Puttgarden and Andre went to the ferry in Frederikshaven.
This all went fine and after 2 crossings we arrived in Sweden..
Another two hours driving and we would arrive at our destination.
When we arrived we first checked out the area and went for a meal in town. After this we went to the log cabin that we rented for this trip.
Andre and Theo would take the ferry to Göteborg and sleep there.
Also their trip was without problems.
But as I already said, not only a F88 can have breakdowns.
In the morning faith struck again at Andre’s DAF, after a night sleep it wouldn’t start again.
But with the help of the ferry company and some batteries they continued the trip with an hour delay towards us.
This wasn’t the only problem, up until we started the trip it hadn’t snowed in Sweden, but that night fell 10 to 15 cm. Due to this extra delay they arrived at 10 am.
We quickly unloaded our trailer from Andre’s so Andre could go to the next location to pick up another truck.
In the mean while we had already the other trucks for transport in the past few hours.
As the truck from Henk Wind arrived we started the loading immediately which was a tight fit since we only had half a cm on both sides of the tautliner to drive in the trucks. In the end we managed to load it with two trucks and some cabins at 2pm.
At that time Andre also returned with the other truck that he loaded for me.
He had also seen an old VW beetle that he wanted to have and he decided to check out the next day if he could make  the owner together with Theo.
It had been snowing a lot that day which made me decide not to drive back with an oldtimer and a trailer full of trucks. The risk was to high so I left them there to pick them up in February with an F10 that I had bought there.
After we loaded Andre and had something to eat we went to the log cabin while Andre and Theo left for the VW.
We had to stay another night in order to make the trucks and cabins ready for transport, they would be picked up by Henk Wind in week 3 with a tautliner. So they had to be ready for transport.
Finally at 1 pm our trip back to Holland started.
Andre had already informed us that he had bought the VW and that he was loading it on top of the trucks.
He took the 4 pm ferry in Frederikshaven and drove in turns with Theo direct to Klazienaveen where Theo was at home again.
Andre arrived at Scherpenzeel at 9 where we unloaded him and put the VW back on the trailer so he could move on to home to get the beetle running and prepare him self and the walking floor trailer for work after new year.

At January 2 both tautliners arrived at 10 to unload, this had to be done just as carefully as the loading off course since we didn’t want to damage anything.
But we placed a low bed trailer behind the tautliner on which we drove the trucks and from there we could easily drive them on the ground (Dutch soil pffff).
In spite of the snow it still was a very nice trip and we are looking forward to the next.
Although I have to make a remark on the fuel consumption that I always report of my F88.
The Daf used 1 litre per 2.55 km while the F88 used on its last trip 1 litre per 2.8 km.
Again I have to say that the oldie still runs fine.

Thanks a lot to Andre v/d Akker, Theo Bol, Andre Boogert, Danny Blaauw, Roel (Henk Wind), Erik (Groenewold).

Leo Bol.