Report 2

Monster 8-10-2000.

On Sunday October 8 the Volvo got started again for a trip to Sweden, off course it had been used since the last trip to Sweden. We went to different shows with it and I used it to bring away or collect a truck. This trip to Sweden would now be a lot more relaxing, since I took a week holiday. At 5.00 PM we left from Monster to Schiedam to get the low bed trailer. From here to Woudenberg to pick up André Boogert who would join me on this trip to Sweden. Immediately after I got on the highway to Rotterdam the cable for the overdrive broke, since it was in high I drove on to Woudenberg where I had to be at 8 PM to pick up André. It turned out that a small connecting hook was broken of which was easily fixed, in the mean while André arrived so we could move on quickly after he put his sleeping bag and others in the cabin.
We first had to go to the island of Denmark northern of Copenhagen at the coast to collect the first truck. This trip was without any problems so we both drove 4,5 hours in turn until we reached the ferry. Here we didn’t have to wait long and had a fast passage. After this we drove on until 5.30 Monday morning. Now I can hear you thinking that this is hardly relaxing holiday material, but driving with the two of us we thought it was a piece of cake. We slept until 8AM because we both sleep bad in daylight and we thought that we can catch up some sleep later this evening. So we had our breakfast and went on to the first truck, a single axle Volvo F89 from 1972. The owner had it parked in the middle of the parking lot so we could drive right next to it to connect the jumper cables. He started without a problem so shortly after we had it firmly strapped on the trailer. Now we could move on to Sweden where we first had to make some visits to look at all sorts of things. We managed to find several interesting materials which you can find in our trade section. At 6 PM we finished and had diner. This time we got into bed early and slept until 7 the next morning.
After having a very nice breakfast we moved on to look at more materials until 2 PM, at that time we had to move on to the next 2 trucks. verslag2The first thing we had to do after we arrived there was to turn the first truck around and drive it up the trailer backwards above the raised section. Now we could fit on another F88 from 1976 forwards.
The third truck, a double axle F88 we would drive back. After we double checked everything we started the trip back home. We had to go to the ferry in Göteborg for which we had tickets booked for midnight. We arrived in time and also the crossing went smooth. We agreed to sleep on a big truck stop once we had left the ferry, but here the first problem started. The third truck which we drove back got to hot. Luckily it was close to a parking so we decided to first get some sleep and then see in the morning what was wrong.
After checking it turned out that the thermostat was broken, we decided to carefully drive on to the truck stop and park it there. We would later come back to pick it up with the trailer. The risk of breaking anything while trying to repair the thermostat was to big for me since we didn’t have anything to fix it than. So we moved on with one truck and trailer and arrived in Schiedam at midnight. We unloaded the trailer and were finished at 1 am. My wife was already there to pick me up since I was going on holiday with the family to Germany. Andre would do the return pickup together with Danny Blaauw so my holiday could go on. André went to Woudenberg to get some sleep where Danny would be at 7.30 So in the morning the went back to Seaby where the truck was and they arrived at night, they slept until 8 and after breakfast the loaded the truck. Once it was on the trailer it turned out to be to high and the crane on the truck had to be taken down. Together with the help from some people there and a forklift this was done quickly and after removing the air filter and imperial the started the trip home for the second time. Without any further problems they arrived in Woudenberg where I would pick up the truck after my holiday.
In the meanwhile I was still on a pleasant holiday in Germany, but on Sunday morning  my right ear got clogged and it remained so for the whole week. After I returned from my holiday on the next Sunday and arrived in Woudenberg I climbed in my trusty Volvo and drove it to Monster. It took only 15 minutes until my ear opened up again, would I have missed him?

Thanks to Andre and Danny.
                                        Leo Bol.