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Hello and thank you for visiting my site.
If you like VOLVO’s and oldtimer’s as much as I do, You will find many nice things on this site.


This is how my hobby started. When I was 16 years old, my dad (finally) allowed me to buy my first truck. He found one for me at a transporting-company C. Bol in ’s Gravenzande (the Netherlands). The DB-05-10. Of course it was a F88, because had already driven it with a friend, Jan van Santen, who was a VOLVO-trucker at that time. Two years later, I bought another F88. This one was a little bit younger and with a parabola spring. Out of two trucks, I made one, which of course drove better. But after a while, I wanted an even younger truck. At that time, I was not interested in oldtimer ‘s.

So I sold the F88 and bought a F10.
These are the first two trucks that started it all.
As You can see they already have the colours of the F88 that I own now. On this F88 you can already see the prefference for the fender colour that we have on the trucks today.

But after a while I compensated my hobby with modelling trucks (to scale 1:16). And after about eight years, I picked up where I had left off and bought a VOLVO again. I even bought two at the same time. A triple-axle truck and a combi. After that, things turned out differently than I had expected. I found another F88, and another one, and one more. And soon I had a nice collection

Now I have turned my hobby into my business. Together with Theo, Wiliam and Roelof we restore all kinds of trucks every day, as you can see on the following pages

I liked to have a collection of different Volvo types so I started looking for more trucks.
All the trucks that we bought from than on we first used in every day work.


In 2000 I bought an F10 of which we shortened the wheelbase and finaly restored it in 2008.
I still have the original license plate numbers for this truck.

178In 2001 fand While I was traveling in Sweden in 2001 to purchase a couple of F88 trucks I found a Volvo F12 Globetrotter from 1989. I could not resist it and bought the truck right away, you can read about it here. Also with this truck we have been working for a few years. We have used it for more trips to sweden as well as for transport of machinery and steel constructions.

NL12-1In 2004 I found this Volvo NL12 from 1994. It was a one time opportunity
to get this truck, because they are very rare.
So it became the replacement of the F12 Globetrotter and we repainted it in our new company colours. We intend to paint all our trucks in these colours.


VWbusIn 2005 we also restored another F88 and painted it in our company colours. The same we did for our VW van.
In 2006 I found a F10 from 1986 with very low milage, only 560.000 km. This was an exceptional beautifull truck and we renovated it right away and painted it in our company colours.
For this truck we have bought a walking floor trailer from the same age which we will restore when it is an oldtimer.

Rij1Rij2The colours that we have on our trucks now used to be colours from Cor van Rijswijk from Leidschendam. All three of us have worked there before. Since this company doesn’t use this colours any more and we all like them a lot we are using them now
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