Davinci engels

The Da Vinci Code

Klazienaveen  somewhere half may 2005

On a wednesday an Englishman with an american accent called me up with the question
if I had 2 identical Volvo F88 to drive in a movie.

I asked him what type and if it had two be a single or a double axle truck.
It had to be two single axle trucks.
How identical must they be I asked him.
Do the need to have the same color, cabin etc.
The color was no problem, but they needed to look the same.
That I have I told him.
He told me that it than was Ok and he would book a ticket.
I was thinking what a strange story.
He didn’t have any other questions and I was sure that I would never here from him again.

Two ours later he called again that he had booked a ticket and would be in Amsetrdam that night.
He asked what was the easiest way to get to me.
I thought that if it is that serious I will pick him up and asked him wher he stayed in Amsterdam.
H hadn’t booked a room but would call me when he got there.
Late in the evening he called with a Hotel name that I never heard of.
I asked him to let the hotel send a fax with the adress and agreed to pick him up at 7.30
At 7.15 I was at the hotel and he was ready to go so we goyt in the car and went to Klazienaveen.
While we were driving he explained where they needed the trucks for.
They would be in a movie playing in france in the 70’s
One truck was to get an accident with a Citroën and the other was for spare.
He didn’t want to say for which movie it was.
When we arrived in Klazienaveen he looked at all the trucks and than asked which would be the same according to me.
I pointed out two that would be most suitable.
He looked at them again and if it was possible if some parts with other trucks could be exchanged to make them more similair and if I could deliver them in a technical good state.
After less than 5 minutes of negotiations we agreed on the price.
He asked if we could deliver them the next day in Southern England.
I explained that this wasn’t possible since we had to change some parts and make some repairs.
On his question of the possible delivery date I replied that next week Tuesday would be the best possible.
He agreed.
All this took less than 10 minutes and he asked if I could bring him back to Amsterdam.
So I brought him back.
On Thirsday we started working on the trucks right away to make them in good working order and the same.
Monday we had to do a local transport and after that we loaded the trucks on the low bed trailer and on Tuesday Michel Bernsen and Jan van Santen who just retired went on a trip to England.
This all went without any problems with the long ferry from Hoek van Holland and the fast ferry back. On the way home they picked up another truck in Utrecht to bring to Klazienaveen.
We thought that it ended there, because also after many Emails asking what movie and when it would come out we never got an answer.
Until I saw on May 19 2006 out of the corner of my eye while having dinner a flash of the new Da Vinci Code. It was a Volvo F88 having an accident with an old Citroen.
I called up Michel and asked him to look on the internet for this movie.
After 2 hours he found what  he was looking for and called me up with the message 
That are our trucks.
Its a shame that the F88 gets an accident, but it was our F88.
Below the newspaper report about the story above that got printed in a local paper.